About Us

Finding a job is hard. It can take hours and hours of trial-and-error searching, filtering, and scrolling across many sites just to find the opportunities that you’re actually interested in, let alone qualified for. This painful process also hasn’t become much easier with time. As the world around us has changed (especially lately), finding a job online has remained largely the same experience.

At Amazin Career, we have been able to make it easy for anyone to find the right job based on location and job prescription. We aim to transform the whole experience of finding a job and provide genuinely helpful tools and tips all along the way through CV rewrite, cover letters, LinkedIn Optimization etc.

Our Mission

To influence Nigeria youths, find a job and company they are please with.

Our Value

Amazin Careers is open. honest and transparent. We share information through our social media platforms so we can continuously learn, collaborate and make the right career decisions on our platforms. We actively pursue new and different ways to further our mission. We forge our own path by challenging the status quo.

Our watch out in working with you lays on integrity, respect and compassion for one another. We are inclusive, fair and humble while remaining confident. We do the right thing, period. We see challenges as opportunities. With passion and courage, we come together to get the job done.